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Fellow IEEE SA Members:

I have the privilege of being nominated by the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) Board of Governors to run for IEEE SA President-elect. I am asking for your vote and support so that we can work together to modernize and energize the IEEE SA, involve a larger and more diverse group of volunteers in decision-making and innovation, and ensure that the IEEE SA makes supporting its standards developers and creating member value its #1 priorities.

As demonstrated by my accomplishments within the IEEE SA, my career, and the support I have received, I have the skills, dedication, and respect of IEEE SA and IEEE leadership needed to get things done. Please browse this website or look at my LinkedIn page to find out more about me, and please feel free to contact me at any time to discuss your thoughts, concerns, or suggestions concerning the IEEE SA. I have been involved in IEEE Standards for 25+ years and am a dedicated IEEE SA volunteer with no agenda other than your success and the success of the organization. If elected, I will devote my full time efforts to serving as your SA president and will assemble a diverse leadership team to accomplish our goals. Versions of my bio, candidate statement, and IEEE accomplishments are available in English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Hindi, Japanese, and Korean. Please feel free to pass them on to your IEEE SA friends and colleagues. (Useful Links: Statement on IEEE Elections Site with Video made by IEEE.TV)

The election runs through October 2 at noon Eastern (16:00 UTC). Vote via the ACESS BALLOT link on the IEEE election website. A one-hour “meet the candidates” forum was held and recorded on 25-August-2023 and can be viewed online.

With Kind Regards,
Robby Robson

What Others Say About Me

“I have served with Robby in both the IEEE SA BOG and CAG and have found him to not only be a hard working and effective leader, but someone who is genuinely a pleasure to work with! His leadership in IEEE SA Open, for example, demonstrates his ability to successfully execute new strategic directions for IEEE SA and IEEE as a whole.” — Robby Simpson, PhD; past IEEE SA CAG Chair

“It my great pleasure to endorse Robby Robson for IEEE Standards Association President-Elect. He is highly qualified, not only based on his excellent leadership, knowledge and experience, substantial contribution to the IEEE Standards Association, but also his humor and kindness.” ­ Meng Lu, PhD; VP Standards Activities and Chair of Standards Committee, IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society.

“I am pleased to offer my wholehearted support for Robby Robson’s candidacy for IEEE SA President. Robby’s exemplary work in fostering the IEEE SA Open initiative and his leadership of the IEEE SA Open-Source Committee (OSCom) demonstrate his commitment to advancing open source solutions within the IEEE community.  I have collaborated with Robby as a fellow OSCom member and other IEEE SA teams and witnessed his ability to work effectively with diverse perspectives and drive meaningful progress, especially in the realm of open-source technology.  Robby’s vision, experience, and dedication make him the ideal candidate to lead the IEEE SA in embracing openness and innovation for the benefit of all its members. ” — Dennis Brophy, Chair, IEEE Design Automation Standards Committee and Past CAG Chair.

“Dr. Robby Robson is exceptionally well qualified to become IEEE Standards Association President given his long and distinguished engagement in the IEEE Standards Association.” — Rob Fish, PhD; Past IEEE SA President and Past VP Industry and Standards IEEE Communications Society.

“I am absolutely delighted to endorse Robby Robson for IEEE Standards Association President-Elect 2024. Robby is a multi-faceted, dedicated volunteer, with a distinguished career record spanning academia, industry, and notably the IEEE Standards Association. He is a courageous ethical leader who listens carefully, includes all voices, and is unafraid to challenge the status quo in doing what is right for the organization. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Robby in IEEE Educational Activities and have witnessed first-hand his passion and commitment to shared governance, mentoring, and open and transparent communications. His vision for the IEEE Standards Association is bold and inclusive, and I am confident that he will lead SA to greater heights as its President. We are living at a time of unprecedented challenges where our work in IEEE broadly, and the Standards Association, will be foundational to the future of humanity. You can count on Robby to inspire, motivate and engage our members worldwide, and establish a legacy of leadership that will serve SA and IEEE for years to come.” – S. K. Ramesh, Ph.D., FIEEE; ABET President & Past VP Educational Activities and IEEE-HKN

It is a privilege to endorse Robby Robson for IEEE Standards Association President-Elect 2024. Robby is a dedicated volunteer and experienced leader who has a distinguished record in the IEEE Standards Association. Working alongside Robby in IEEE Learning Technology Standards Committee (LTSC) working groups helped me witness firsthand Robby’s ability to skillfully merge an innovator’s brilliance with an entrepreneur’s savvy. His role as Eduworks’ CEO for 20 years is a testament to his growth mindset, strategy formation, leadership ability, and talent for getting things done. Robby is renowned for his inclusive approach, promoting open communication and mentoring while fearlessly challenging the status quo. I endorse Robby’s priorities for the IEEE SA and his candidacy for these reasons. – Eric Shepherd, Chair 1484.20.2 WG and President, Foundation for Talent Transformation

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