IEEE SA Candidate Info

I am a candidate for IEEE Standards Association (SA) President Elect. As all candidates do, I have provided a brief bio, list of IEEE contributions, and candidate statement to the IEEE for publication in the IEEE election booklet. You can see more details about my career, overall contributions, and standards work on this site, and I invite you to contact me via email ( or set up a 15 minute meeting with me to speak about the IEEE-SA, ask me questions, and tell me what you feel is most important.

Expanded version of the statement in the IEEE election booklet

IEEE-SA members are the leading producers of market-driven open consensus standards that impact every aspect of our lives. We have helped launch entire industries and contribute significantly to the IEEE mission. I have a deep appreciation for the work that IEEE SA members do in areas ranging from networking, telecommunications, and microchip design to power, energy, robotics, ethics, industrial applications, software engineering and education (to name just a few), and in my work within committees such as Future Directions, Industry Connections, and the IEEE-SA Board of Governors I have never ceased to be amazed at the professionalism and enthusiasm with which IEEE SA members have moved into and become leaders in new areas such as autonomous vehicles, smart grid, AI, and extended reality.

To sustain and build on this success, the IEEE-SA must serve a greater number of IEEE societies, geographies, industries, and communities while increasing support for the members and working groups that are its lifeblood with tools and staff. It is important to stay at the forefront of technology, to take full advantage of our position within the IEEE (the world’s largest technical community!), and to create products and services such as IEEE-SA open that serve the market in new ways, but it is vital to remember that our success is due to the efforts of our members and to stay focused on enabling and supporting them. In the aftermath of a global pandemic and in the face of rapid social, economic, and technological change, this will require agility, invention, collaboration, and hard work.

I am passionate about the IEEE-SA and honored by the opportunity to lead it. I have been involved with numerous communities throughout my career and have yet to see one that is more dedicated and diligent and willing to engage in honest debate to achieve results that matter. As a potential leader, I bring standards experience, business and leadership skills, and a record of successfully launching and managing initiatives within the Computer Society and IEEE-SA. I have served on multiple boards and standing committees within IEEE and have worked on and co-chaired committees in other standards development organizations. I cofounded and successfully grew my own business and have served on boards of large and small technology start-ups. IEEE groups and initiatives I have helped launch and manage include the Learning Technology Standards Committee, IEEE SA Open, ICICLE, the Computer Society Standards Activity Board and its C/SAB Standards Committee, the IEEE Learning Network Working Group Chair Fundamentals training, and a new IEEE ISTO consortium. As IEEE-SA President-Elect, I will collaborate with industry, IEEE OUs, and global stakeholders to ensure our value is recognized and promoted. I will advocate for volunteers, increase openness and transparency, support new and existing technical areas, and strive to create high-quality products and services that expand the reach and impact and secure our future of IEEE-SA. I ask for your vote so that I may have the privilege of doing this.

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