IEEE SA Candidate Info

I was nominated by the IEEE SA Board of Governors (BOG) to run for president-elect in 2021 and have the privilege of being nominated again in 2023. My official candidate statement is available in English, Chinese, Hindi, and French (coming soon), but let me get right to the point.

I believe we need to work together to modernize, energize the IEEE SA, involve a larger and more diverse group of volunteers in decision-making and innovation, and ensure that the IEEE SA makes supporting its standards developers and creating member value its #1 priority. If elected, I am committed to serving full time as your SA president and to working with a assembling a diverse leadership team to accomplish these goals.

Please browse this website to find out more about my career, my publications, and my accomplishments within the IEEE, please read what your colleagues have said about me (coming soon), and please feel free to contact me at any time to discuss your thoughts, concerns, or suggestions concerning the IEEE SA. I have dedicated much of my life to the IEEE SA and have no agenda other than your success and the success of the organization.

Who can vote: To vote you must be a member of both the IEEE SA and (separately) IEEE. If you are an IEEE SA member, please check whether you are also an IEEE member and, if not, join the IEEE prior to 30-June-2023 so you can vote. This election that will go a long way towards determining the direction of the IEEE SA at a critical time. Your vote makes a difference!

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