Robby Robson

Robby is a researcher, entrepreneur, and standards professional known for creative and disruptive innovation. After receiving his doctorate from Stanford, Robby spent fifteen years as a research mathematician in the areas of semi-algebraic geometry and computational number theory. He became interested in Learning Technology and technical standards after co-creating one of the first online learning systems and online Calculus courses in 1996. Following a brief stint in the Silicon Valley, Robby co-founded Eduworks Corporation, became its CEO in 2001, and retired as CEO in 2022. As its chief science officer, he is currently developing the next generation of competency management, talent analytics, and skills-based talent pipeline solutions.

Robby spends much of his time volunteering for IEEE, a global technical community whose mission is advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. Robby was elected chair of the IEEE Computer Society Learning Technology Standards Committee in 2000 and has served on numerous Standards Association, Computer Society, and IEEE committees and boards. He currently leads IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) Open Source efforts, chairs an inclusive language Working Group, and serves on the IEEE Educational Activities Board and Industry Engagement Committee. Robby holds several patents, has over 100 publications, has lived in the US, Germany, and France, and has never lost his sense of humor. See career highlights, standards work, and publications list.

Industry: Entrepreneur with experience in software development, product management, corporate leadership, and product strategy. Co-founder of Eduworks Corporation and CEO for 21 years, where his now Chief Science Officer and Board Chair. Eduworks applies AI and other advanced technologies to training and talent management. Other past positions include Director of Product Management for Saba Software, Inc. and Board Chair of the Oregon Center for Applied Science.

Academia: Math researcher and pioneer in undergraduate research, competency-based approaches to education, and online learning. Academic career included posts at the University of Regensburg (1981-1984) and the Oregon State University department of mathematics (1984 – 2000). He also held posts as a visiting professor at University of Rennes II; an Alexander von Humboldt Fellow; and a research professor at the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute in Berkeley, CA.

Research: Proved fundamental embedding theorem in semi-algebraic geometry and was Principal Investigator for the first implementation of the General Number Field Sieve in computational number theory. Published research in mathematics, standards, digital libraries, intelligent tutoring systems, competency-based education and training, and applications of AI to learning, education, and training.

IEEE Standards: Past chair of the IEEE Learning Technology Standards Committee (2000 – 2008); Member of the IEEE Standards Association Standards Board (current and past) and Board of Governors (2019 – 2021 and 2023); Vice Chair of the IEEE Computer Society Standards Activity Board and Chair of its Industry Engagement Committee; Member of the IEEE Educational Activities Board; and Chair of the IEEE-SA BOG Open Source Committee (OSCOM).

Education: PhD Mathematics, Stanford University
BA Mathematics / Music, Hampshire College